Hi I'm Baz,

Since 2018, I've been the top coach for high-performing CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs.

The changes I bring are deep, strong, and straightforward.

Some call me the Mindset Mastery Maverick, but most just call me Baz.

Baz Porter who confident bald man with a neatly trimmed beard, dressed in a stylish beige suit, black shirt, and yellow tie, standing with arms crossed against a gradient black and gold background. His poised and professional demeanor reflects his expertise and assertive leadership style.

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Smash Through the Bullshit and Dominate Your World

Unleash your raw power and take control with the no-bullshit strategies of the
Mindset Mastery Maverick.

The Brutal Reality of Leadership Today

Let’s be real

Being a strong leader is really hard nowadays. There’s a lot of pressure to be perfect, and you barely get any breaks. It feels like there's no time to get things done.

To keep up, you push your brain really hard, stress out your body, and sometimes make your family upset. This can make you sick and scared without you even knowing it.

Don't listen to what the usual self-help books say. Things like breathing exercises or setting goals aren’t enough to help you perform better or keep your mind calm. But I can show you what really works.

What I Offer

  • Eliminate the Subconscious Bullshit holding you back.

  • Unleash the dormant RAMS within you.

  • Become the mission-driven FLOW machine you were born to be – not a clone.

With over 20,000 hours on the coaching clock

I've turned creative directors into Chief Creative Officers, Chief Creative Officers into Presidents, bootstrapped founders into 7-Figure CEOs, CEOs into global influencers, entrepreneurs into painters, and traumatized cynics into mission-driven believers.

Alexi Silance, smiling and seated on a modern tan couch, praises Baz for his incredible ability to unshackle individuals from the pressures of work and life.

" Baz has an incredible ability to unshackle you from the pressures work and life put on you."


 Lee Van Dusen, a friendly man with glasses and a warm smile against a blue background, commends Baz for his sincerity, care for people, and great perspective on possibilities.

"Baz is sincere, cares about the people he works with, and has a great perspective on what is possible.


Celena Chavez, smiling warmly with dark hair, shares her gratitude for Baz's coaching, which provided essential support and restored her faith when she was lost.

" When I was lost, Baz's coaching provided essential support and restored my faith


Why This Matters

In our tough business world, where smart thinking and a strong sense of purpose are super important, you can't afford to mess up your main tool – your mind.

Because of bad work habits and poor mental care, we’ve become mentally and emotionally tired. Your thoughts keep clashing, hope fades, and you start wondering,

Why the fuck do we bother?

It’s enough to make you want to give up. But don’t. You don’t need to suffer to be successful. My experience proves it.

The Challenge

Fear grows, love fades, and your thoughts clash – breaking down your sense of self, purpose, and perspective. But it’s not because you’re a fraud or stuck. It’s because you’re holding onto the past.

The habits and beliefs that got you here are now stopping you from moving forward.

Your brain hates change and will resist it.

Psychologists call this a hypnotic loop or confirmation bias.

If you want to perform better, stop sabotaging yourself, and truly inspire others, you need to get rid of that stuff. Fast.

"In my years in the industry, few coaches compare to Baz Porter. His transformative approach is unparalleled."

David Corbin

Celebrity Mentor

"Baz is a loving, humble, genuine warrior who empowers others with his magnetic energy."

Richard Schreiber

Software Engineer

"Baz continues to amaze me with his leadership and willingness to make a change in the world."


Leadership Business Development

Subconscious Bullshit Elimination

We work at a core identity level where all behavior, emotion, and learning stick.

If your conscious goals aren’t in line with your subconscious ones, no amount of box-ticking or belly-breathing will unlock your success.

I provide the psychological Chainsaw to escape the past and design your future.

My work is bespoke and human-centric.

You are my brief, my inspiration, and your story dictates our work together.

But don’t expect me to buy into your story or the bullshit you tell yourself.

I’ll call it like it is, challenge your preconceptions, and shake up your thinking.

My clients call me their springboard, their truth-teller, and their mentor.

Ready To Shape Your Future?

Rules of Engagement

  • My coaching cuts deep and challenges you. I filter clients for action-bias.

  • Don’t contact me unless you’re truly committed to change. I’m not your therapist.

  • Follow through on post-session commitments.

  • Take advice, even if it stings.

  • Show up fully present and on time.

  • Don’t flake on sessions with less than 48 hours notice.

  • Call bullshit on anything you disagree with.

  • Don’t bitch unless you’re ready to own your crap.

  • Pay invoices on time.

  • And have fun – this is your future, not your funeral.

Limited Time Offer

Book within the next 10 minutes and get an additional 90 minutes complementary strategic session for your business growth.

Office: Longmont, Colorado

Call (646) 212-4807

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